Your eBay Sales Account

Your eBay Sales Account

In order to start selling on the ebay platform, sellers are invited to create one of two accounts: Individual and Business (if necessary, you can change one to the other).

Individual account:

do not need documents on entrepreneurial activity;
there are restrictions on listings (posted product cards) and the quantity of each product;
revenue limit (not more than $ 1000 per month);
but all restrictions are removed 90 days after the first sale.

Business Account:

registered company or individual entrepreneur (you should have all official papers in your hands);
sales under your own brand, you can be an official reseller.
Fees for sales on eBay are different – read more about them in a special section.

If you do not have sales experience, it is better to start with individual accounts. This is enough to understand which way to go next.

Important: scan your passport or ID card, constituent documents of the company and a bank statement that exists for more than 90 days in advance. Each user of these marketplaces passes verification after registration – all this will need to be sent to administrators.

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