Which products can not be sold on Etsy?

Unfortunately, not a single seller on Etsy is safe from blocking a store. I will give you some tips to help you not break the rules of Etsy unknowingly.

  • There is a wide range of products that cannot be sold on Etsy. The list can be viewed on the official website. If you decide to sell the prohibited goods, for the first time most likely they will simply block the listing that violates the rules, but they will take you under control. In case of repeated violation, the store itself may already block.
  • On the site you can’t sell finished work that was not done by you and use images that were not invented by you. This includes both factory goods and handmade goods that are made by someone else. If you are suspected of such, to unlock you need to send photos of the production process and your workplace. But as for me, it’s easier to prevent this from happening and in the About section immediately post several of these photos. The exception to this item is vintage and needlework. Everything older than 20 years can be attributed to vintage products.
  • If you own several stores on etsy.com, then information about each of them should be in your personal profile in the About section.
  • Be sure to include all store members in the team members. This is especially true for those who will have access to the store (i.e. they will enter it with your username and password).
  • If you link to the store links to your Instagram accounts or other social networks, it is better that these networks do not have information about the sale of the same works outside the store. Sale of works bypassing etsy commissions is not welcome. But if you sell on Instagram with a link to your store (in the spirit of “You can purchase this product in my store, the link in the profile header), then everything is fine.
  • You can not make duplicates of your store. This will amount to fraud. Also, you cannot use the same banners, avatars and text content of the About sections. However, it is allowed to place the same goods in two or more stores belonging to one person with the condition that repeated listings do not constitute the majority of the store’s work. That is, if in your two stores, for example, 20 works, some of them may be repeated. At the same time, their visual and textual design is still better to do different.
  • Do not delay the payment of invoices issued to you. Payment must be from the 1st to the 15th day of each month.
  • Be vigilant and try not to enter your stores from other people’s mobile devices and computers. This is necessary in order to avoid blocking your store “for the company.” Not so long ago there was a case when Etsy blocked several fairly successful stores at once. The reason was that they were led by the same admin. These stores themselves did not violate anything, but another store, which was also under the wing of this admin, was seen in copyright infringement. As a result, the stores were recognized as interconnected and closed. Therefore, it is better to lead your stores yourself from your gadgets, it will be more reliable.

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