Professional Amazon Sales Tips

Professional Amazon Sales Tips

Although the Amazon marketplace is very convenient and understandable to use, it has its own characteristics: the choice of a supplier, product quality, market analysis, safety of sending parcels, advertising of goods – all this requires a huge amount of time and attention.

How to analyze the market and correctly evaluate competitors?

Before putting the product up for sale, the beginning seller, first of all, must analyze the market in which he will have to trade. The quality of goods and the height of prices – these two main factors determine the demand and profit. However, one must be able to trade wisely.

For example: if you are new to this business, it is better not to sell large mechanical goods, transportation of such things is very expensive. Electronic and medical products require knowledge in these areas, and inappropriate clothing often returns to senders.

Many customers, when buying something in an online store, pay attention to AmazonBestSellersRank. This is a special rating among sellers, which shows everyone how many products a certain person sold per day. You should not take goods with an indicator higher than five thousand, due to great competition and a huge amount of products.

Which product should I choose to sell on Amazon?

If you want to save money, then best of all you should sell goods not less than 18X14X8 (inch) and not exceeding two kilograms in weight, thus, you will reduce the cost of delivery of parcels. From the price that you set yourself, the commission of the Amazon trading platform takes about 20 percent of the profit, so it is better to set prices not less than fifteen dollars. At the very beginning of your trade, you can choose a product that does not require a certificate.

What are the best selling products on Amazon? The most popular are:


Kids toys


Unusual gifts.

How to choose a supplier?

After you have decided on the category of your products, you must move on to the next part – the search and selection of suppliers, so far, from China. You can go to the popular alibaba.com website, select several suppliers that you like and contact them. You will need to discuss the material, come up with the name of your product, packaging, logo, etc. After you have finally chosen a supplier, you order the production of examples of goods and stop at a more outstanding and cost-effective option.

Attention! The brand you created, you will have to register in America for two thousand dollars so that you do not subsequently steal or plagiarize it.

Delivery of products to America

Chinese suppliers to sell your product send a batch of goods (from two hundred pieces) to America, on the Amazon marketplace. You must pay for the delivery. Remember that if the parcel with your goods is sent, there is no guarantee that it will arrive on time.

The process itself and the start of sales

Of course, not a single product sale can do without reviews about its product. To receive positive feedback, there are special reviewers companies that make money on this business. You must give them, for example, the first three hundred pieces of your goods (for example, with the help of gift vouchers), for which they write about three hundred reviews about your products. After that, you can run internal advertising on Amazon.

Were these professional tips useful for starting Amazon sales?

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