How to create a sales account on Amazon?

How to create a sales account on Amazon?

Amazon has two types of accounts: Individual (individual selling plan) and professional (Professional selling plan). The seller has to choose which of the two options suits him best. If anything, you can change your account at any time.

Before registering an account, you must first open an account in the Pioneer payment system, and then you can go to the registration page. How to withdraw money from Payoneer is described in detail in the instructions on the site itself. We will examine in more detail the features of different types of account:

Individual account

$ 0.99 commission on each sale;
sale of not more than 40 units of goods per month;
lack of rights to Buy Box.

Professional account

fixed monthly fee $ 39.99 per month;
the right to a Buy Box (but it is not given to everyone);
Prime shipping status (quality mark, which is given for timely shipment of goods and a minimum number of claims in terms of time and quality);
the ability to work with Amazon fulfillment centers (this is logistics and an outsourced warehouse).

Attention! Buy Box is a widget with the Add to cart button on the product page. Only one seller can sell each specific product through the Buy Box. Other sellers of the same product fall into the “Other Sellers” block.

About 75% of all Amazon purchases are made through the Buy Box. This widget is won either by sellers with a good rating (fast delivery, high speed of response to the buyer and other factors), or those who sell a unique product (but not always).

Sellers who do not receive a Buy Box often lower the price by 15-20% in order to attract buyers and force them to find goods without a widget.

There are instructions on how to create an account on Amazon on many sites. For sellers who rely on a large number of monthly sales, it’s best to choose a professional account.

Important! Depending on the category of your products, you will have to pay the site additional interest on sales.

The profile of the future seller needs to be pre-filled, and after Amazon will send you email documents for signature (you can sign it electronically). You will also have to take a survey.

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