Five tips for starting successful sales on Etsy

If you are a jeweler, designer, artist, photographer, writer, seamstress, knitter, soap maker or just a person who likes to invent, create and craft something in his free time, you are inspired by everything that can be created with your own hands, then the Etsy website for you!

To begin with, it is worth noting a few facts that, of course, will be useful, both for beginners in online sales, and for professionals in the sale of their products via the Internet.

Etsy service paid

Etsy takes a fairly democratic commission, which consists of two parts:

  • $ 0.20 – this is how much it costs to place one product for 4 months.

If after 4 months your product is not sold, you can extend its placement for another 4 months (and so on indefinitely) again for $ 0.20. You can extend the placement of goods at the end of the time manually (then you will need to track the renewal date) or automatically (then you will need to remember to look into your personal account to pay the commission on time).

  • 5% – this percentage of the cost of your product and delivery will be “withheld” when your product is purchased by the buyer.

Commission payment

Etsy commissions usually issue bills on the first day of each month for the previous month.

Just make it a rule (mark in the calendar or on the desktop): every month, every first or second day, go to the appropriate section of your store (Finances – Payment account) to check if you are billed.

In addition, an account with brief information about transactions and commissions will be sent to your email address indicated at the time of registration of the store.

Product Photos

Photos of your products should be impeccably high quality and pleasing to the eye.

Since the goods are sold through the Internet, this imposes some obligations. For example, you can’t touch it to evaluate the quality. Visitors to the store can only rely on those images that you upload to the product page.

Therefore, your photos should be such that, looking at them, a person who does not particularly need your product, wants to buy it.

For each product, you can add up to 10 photos. Try to show your product from all sides and angles.

Name of shop

If you have not yet come up with a name for your store / brand, it’s time to do it at this stage.

Etsy curators have written a very useful article on coming up with a store name. In short, they are advised to be guided by criteria such as:

  • Brand name (naturally, if it already exists).
  • Theme of the store, i.e. what exactly will you sell in your store.


Developing your store, you need to make a lot of effort. But the game is worth the candle. Therefore, you can’t observe, you need to act!

Conclusion: before you start registering a store on the Etsy website, you need to structure in your head the information you just received: the Etsy service is paid. In addition to money, of course, you need to invest time, patience, diligence, self-confidence and an unwavering desire to be successful.

If you don’t take all this, then proceed to the most important thing – we begin to register!

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