Checklist: what to do for traffic on YouTube channel

Checklist: what to do for traffic on YouTube channel

1) Decide how you will earn on Youtube.

Do not find easy money using the affiliate program and do not track the result in the likes. Work with other bloggers and make sure your target audience matches. Post a viral, entertaining or informative video – over time, the channel monetizes.

2) Do not wind subscribers and views.

This will spoil the “karma of the account”, and may even lead to its blocking.

3) Define the audience, think over the concept of the channel and, if necessary, change it over time. Be flexible, but committed to your idea.

4) Solve all organizational issues: properly format the channel, make it public, calculate the budget and plan an action plan.

5) Shoot useful videos, not product ads. Channel trailer – like a movie trailer: a chance to interest those who watch you for the first time. Hold attention, bring the idea, bring benefits.

6) Ask viewers to subscribe and be proactive. Interact with subscribers, answer questions. Be a friend, adviser or role model to your subscribers – a real person.

7) Optimize videos, use hashtags. Properly use the capabilities of the Title and Description.

Attention! Work with Google Analytics reports and adjust your actions.

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