10 successful rules for your store on Etsy

Sale of hand-made products is gaining momentum around the world. Having mastered the hand-made business in their own country, masters often plan to enter the international market. How to do it right and efficiently?

Fill in all possible fields

After creating the store, view all the tabs and fill out every available field, upload high-quality photos wherever you need it.

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So that potential customers find exactly your products when searching, use keywords in the name and description of the store, as well as in the name and description of each product. The main keywords must be placed in the Shop title. This text will be displayed as a title in search engines. The names of sections of the store are equated by search engines with the main keywords, so do not forget to use popular queries in them.

Gather contacts

It is recommended to collect contacts after any interaction with a new user.

For example, after a new person likes your store’s page, send him a message of gratitude and an offer to subscribe to the newsletter and pages on social networks, or give a discount coupon. ”

Use multiple channels

The more intersection points a user has with your store, the higher the chance that he will become your customer. Send newsletters with news and promotions, use groups on social networks to remind yourself, work with opinion leaders.

Use advertising

Understand the settings for paid promotion of goods within the platform: this will not take much time, but it will help to raise the selected products to the top search positions on the platform. The success of paid promotion will depend on which strategy you choose and on how carefully you work on the SEO component of your products.

At Etsy, you can create coupons for discounts or free delivery and arrange sales – use it to increase sales in the store.

Keep track of the leaders

Compare stores with large and small number of orders. Look for the difference in photos, names, descriptions and conditions from successful and not so sellers. Keep up with the best and implement the best options in your store.

Save time

Try to optimize all processes – from ordering materials and creating products to sending an order. Select the most popular customer questions and save templates with answers to them.

Follow the trends

Use popular colors, themes, or characters in your products. Follow the updates in the Etsy Trends section, look for new trends on thematic resources and take them into account when creating new products.

Arrange delivery

Choose from the delivery options available to you the most attractive for you in terms of: price – quality – reliability. Before sending the order, make sure that you pack it securely and protect it from possible damage during transportation.

Withdraw funds

Another issue that needs to be resolved before you create and fill your store is how you will accept payments and withdraw funds. On the official Etsy website, you can familiarize yourself with the withdrawal options available in your country.

Use these rules and achieve the success in selling on Etsy!

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