Instagram Post Marketing Ideas

The main way to attract the target audience on Instagram is a high-quality, catchy post. Professionals in this field successfully create marketing content based on a synthesis of images and text. However, if you do not yet have a unique idea on how to promote your product or service, you can use one of the following methods:

If you don’t have your own ideas yet, use standard tricks:

Take a narrow topic that matches the concept of your account, and make a selection of unsolicited quotes.
Show the workflow from the inside: for example, photograph the stage of making flowers in boxes.
Share any funny case related to you or your company.
Discuss a trend: take a well-known event and tell about your opinion, but without too much negativity.
Share interesting statistics relevant to the subject of your account.

Informational. As food for thought, the reader can be given:

News about a company that will affect customers – for example, about a change in the price of goods. .
A section in which you will describe one topic – for example, interesting facts about the company.
Description of the company’s business processes from the inside.
A story about an interesting event, place, important event – for example, participation in a conference.
Information about yourself or a company, for example, is an interesting fact about production volumes.

Selling. The following ideas can be used as selling posts:

Customer reviews with your comments.
A competent description of the product with its advantages and a call to action.
Working out negative reviews: for example, you can tell why it was not possible to complete the order and how you made amends.
Announcement of new products or services.
Definition of target audience: for example, you can take 2-3 products and write which audience suits each of them and why.

These seemingly fairly common tricks have established themselves as the most effective ways of advertising on Instagram. Try one of them or several at once, and see for yourself that they really work!

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