How to get great social media coverage for little money?

Viral marketing is word of mouth on social networks. It aims to create the right appeal to the audience in time, which it will voluntarily distribute on social nets. The big plus of viral technology is that it gives you great coverage for free. Sometimes you need to spend money on developing a message – pictures, video, audio. Perhaps even placing the appeal in the right place. For example, in a popular public.

Catch the wave!

A resonant event, a hot or sore topic, a trend – you can play and become famous for this. How? Hot topics on Facebook are usually discussed for about a week: US elections, visa-free travel, Trump’s inauguration. Users actively express their opinions and joke, and most importantly – share each other’s posts.

But what if there are no informational reasons? Experts are unanimous in their opinion that topics that always sell are sex, children, and violence. However, you must understand that all your competitors use this topic. Therefore, you need to look for insights specific to your target audience.

Beauty will save the brand!

How to make consumers constantly talk about the brand in social networks? An Instagram promotion expert is confident that this social network was created with the goal of sharing beauty and is now continuing to follow it. Users try – they look for camera angles, think about the composition, process photos. All in order to make the pictures beautiful and gain a lot of likes.

Therefore, brands should offer photogenic products. If you already do something, it’s beautiful. For example, a desk calendar or a plate. It would seem, who will photograph them? But if you make the product beautiful, people will not only buy, but also talk about buying on social networks.

Viral marketing is a good thing to quickly get a huge audience reach for nothing. But this is not so simple. You need to constantly monitor trends and current topics in order to know when to “enter” and benefit from this. You need to constantly try and learn from your own mistakes. In addition, the viral campaign lives on as much as the hot topic on which it was built. But what’s forever is customer reviews. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on the quality of the goods / services of the brand, their design and the emotions that the product gives. Then the company will receive not so comprehensive, but regular publications of satisfied customers.

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