How to create selling content on Instagram?

The promotion of Instagram is primarily based on creating an attractive visual content. It is it that prompts subscribers to get acquainted with the text accompaniment of the trading proposal. Non-standard photo work, exhaustive selling text guarantees the first calls, messages from potential customers.

Characteristics of graphic content for Instagram:

high quality (apply the rule of daylight (natural) lighting: the light should fall on the subject of photography (result: the images are clearer, brighter; when you process the photo, use the built-in Instagram filters, they will help to eliminate the existing flaws));
fascinating storyline (make a short story from each photo that tells about the features of the production of goods, the life of your team outside the workflow; you can also share thematic sayings and quotes);
various formats of visual content (publish in your profile not only pictures, but also short videos (2017 is the year of video marketing), photo collages);
stylistic integrity (a single color scheme, repeating stories or visual components all this will contribute to the designation of your identity, independence (result: attracting the attention of a motley target audience)).

Texts for posts:

In order for the visual content to be delivered to the final consumer, it is necessary to take care of the formation of the corresponding textual explanation. This can be done by placing hashtags.
Hashtags greatly simplify the process of finding the desired product. Recommendations for their use are set out below:
do not connect the most popular hashtags to the promotion algorithm, since they will be lost in the general flow of distribution labels (solution: develop your own tag structure (for example, create your own brand hashtag), so you will not only be able to increase brand awareness, but also affect the promotion of the product as a whole);
do not place too many words in the hashtags (no more than 3);
separate elements in labels using underscores (alternative: spelling).

How to use geolocation for posts correctly:

Geolocation is a tool that allows you to mark the place on which a particular photograph was taken. In order to “enable” the function in the post, you must click the “Add place” button in the block where the signature is placed, and then enter the required geolocation data.
As a geolocation, you can use not only the place where your organization is located, but also the popular places of your city (shopping and entertainment centers, places of cultural recreation, parks and squares, museums, etc.), which will allow you to reach even more audiences. If the search does not provide the desired geotag, you can add your geolocation via Facebook.

Using these simple steps, you can create high-quality and marketing content that will attract your target audience.

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