Creating a selling account on Instagram

In the article, we describe the main steps that must be followed at the very beginning of work to promote a business on Instagram.

Creating an account and connecting a business profile

If you start the promotion from scratch, then the first step is to register the company page on Instagram. This can be done both from the phone and the computer.
The next step is the transition to a commercial profile. To do this, create a business page on Facebook, go to the “Settings” section of your Instagram account and switch to the organization’s business profile.

Why is this business account needed? He has pronounced advantages, relative to the usual profile:

the availability of statistics (views, likes, comments, engagement, reach, etc.);
communication buttons (phone, e-mail and location map);
category indication (special block in which the scope of activity can be specified);
showing the actual address of the functioning of the enterprise (by clicking on it, the client immediately goes to the page with the map).

Therefore, regardless of what you will promote – a business, a personal blog or a public, the first thing you need to do is go to your company account.

Filling the profile heading on Instagram

Description (profile header), this is the first thing the user sees when they visit your page. You need to correctly fill out this section in order to keep the attention of visitors. In the header you need to fill in 5 main points: nickname, account name, description, photo and contact details.
This is a unique set of characters in Latin, as well as a url by which you can be found.
The nickname should use the company name, keyword or binding to the region. In a compound nickname, use underscore to separate words. Use of a point is allowed.
The name of the company
In the name you can enter the brand name, a keyword by which potential customers or the name of the product can search you. For personal blogs, it’s best to use catchy, provocative names or a real first / last name.
By using a unique name or title, you are working on brand recognition. When choosing a keyword, your profile will be more focused on demand.
Description (section about yourself)
The description should contain the basic characteristics of your activity: the types of products offered, the benefits of working with you, work experience, and so on. You can also give a link to a website. If it’s missing, post community links on social networks.
Profile photo
When choosing an image, remember two nuances: the final version of the image will be presented to the audience in the form of a circle, which means that the original version will be cropped around the edges; an avatar must necessarily call an associative series associated with the services you provide (or with the brand as a whole).
Contact details
Go to the profile settings and specify: phone, email, address and website. If there is no site, put a link to the messenger. Also, you can duplicate the phone number in the profile description.

By following these simple, consistent instructions on creating a business profile on Instagram, you will take the first step to the success of your company.

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