Content plan for the selling account on Instagram

A competent content plan for Instagram is needed not only for your convenience: you don’t have to think every day about which post to publish today and where to get an idea for it. A plan for a week or a month will also help you determine in advance the promotion strategy and target audience that your account will be interested in.

An example of creating a content plan for Instagram in steps

Choose an account type
If you already have an account, you probably know its type. Want to sell something through it? So this is a selling account. Want to have a lot of subscribers, share your opinion with them, and then earn money on advertising or other ways of monetizing? So this is a personal blog. Well, if you don’t have an account yet, just create one.

Determined for the purpose of promotion
It is clear that the main goal is to increase the profit from the account. But at this stage you need to set a short-term goal: for example, to attract more subscribers or sell 1.5 times more than last week. Based on this goal, it will be possible to formulate a content plan.

We compose the content structure in accordance with the purpose
Think about which posts will help you achieve your short-term goal. For example, to attract subscribers, you need to publish interesting infotainment content, and to increase the number of sales, you need to increase the number of selling posts. Also think about which publication format would be appropriate: a picture with text, just a photo, video or GIF animation. There is no universal recipe: the overall design of the account is very subject-specific. You need to test, try different combinations, look at the result.

Write a content plan for a month
Determine the optimal number of posts per day. On average, this is 2-4 posts per day. Write down each number: estimated time of publication and type of posts – selling, informational and entertaining. You can immediately write headings for publications and briefly their idea. Make sure that posts are distributed evenly: for example, don’t flood the subscribers with selling publications for the first week, and only publish informational posts for the second.

Tip: Where is the best plan for a content plan? Everyone chooses a tool convenient for themselves: some work even in a Word text document. But much more convenient is Excel, which can make tables with a clear distribution of content.

Lastly: there is no universal recipe for compiling a content plan for Instagram. But you can put the tips from this article into practice, get the result and share it in the comments!

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