What is SEO and why is it needed?

SEO is a technology for website promotion in search results in order to get traffic. The basis of the work is the knowledge of ranking algorithms for resources in the issuance and improvement of site criteria in order to bring it to the top of search results for the required key phrases.

Simply put, as a result of high-quality SEO, the site rises in search engine results, which means that the link to the promoted page is visited by visitors, which will be the greater, the higher the position of such a link. Therefore, answering the question about what SEO optimization is, we can also say that this is one of the most effective technologies for attracting cheap traffic to a site.

The principle of operation looks very simple: the user enters a query of interest to him, and the search engine builds a list of links to resources in a certain order. After that, the potential client gets acquainted with a brief description of the resource and goes to it if it interests him. The higher the link is in the results, the more likely the transition is, since the user usually does not go beyond the first page of the output.

The principle of constructing search results on demand uses a complex sorting formula that takes into account dozens of parameters. At the same time, the exact algorithm for such a ranking was not disclosed by the owners of search engines, which only articulate the general principles of building a quality and useful resource for people that help to rise to the top. In practice, without the use of SEO technology, it is almost impossible to bring a website to the front page of a website in highly competitive commercial topics, even if its content and technical implementation are perfect.

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