Website Optimization for Mobile Devices

According to current data, traffic from mobile devices in December 2018 amounted to more than 62% of all Internet traffic (a study by the consulting company Gemius Rankinkg).

This means that for full promotion your site simply must be prepared to work on mobile devices. Otherwise, you will lose most of your targeted traffic.

Step 1. Test your site for mobility with the help of free services, for example, Google Mobile Friendly service.

If your site is optimized for display on mobile devices – everything is in order: it will receive traffic from search on these devices.

If the result of the check shows you errors, then proceed to the second step.

Step 2. Improve / develop the site design for mobile devices, correct the errors indicated by the test. For example:

  • Extremely vertical scrolling. The user should not move the page to the side for reading, only down or up;
  • A font size of at least 13 pt. Small text on mobile devices is not readable. In this case, users need to strain their eyes and scale the page. Set the line height in proportion to the font size – about 140% of the size. For viewing from devices on iOS for normal text, the recommended size is 17pt, for Android – 13sp. A study by the Baymard Institute shows that the optimal line length is 50-60 characters with spaces.
  • Large and clear icons and icons. The average width of the fingertip is about 10 mm. That is why it is recommended to make clickable elements large and place them at a distance from each other to avoid false clicks. The recommendations on the Android application interface for active elements suggest a width of at least 7 mm or 48 pixels CSS on the site.
  • Contrast text. For text, choose not strictly contrasting colors: from a dark gray text on a white background, your eyes get tired less than from black on white. The Color Contrast Checker tool helps you select a combination of text and background colors.

You will receive more detailed instructions on how to adapt your site to mobile devices directly after checking with Google Mobile Friendly service.

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