Terms and cost of SEO promotion

You have decided to promote your products or services using SEO optimization. Let’s figure out how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Promotion Terms

SEO-optimization and the conclusion to the required positions in the SERP is a process significantly extended over time. The effect of the work begins to appear in about 2-3 months after their start, and tangible results will be noticeable in six months or a year.

However, faster results are possible. A number of factors affect the speed and success of optimization, including:

  • domain age and its existing rating in search engines;
  • level of competition in the subject of the company;
  • quality of project implementation both in technical and in information terms;
  • behavioral factors;
  • high-quality optimization and competent compilation of the semantic core;
  • regular analysis of results to adjust promotion strategies.

Cost of search promotion

In general, the cost of SEO promotion is affected by:

  • competition in the field of your activity, the presence of well-developed sites from competitors;
  • the current state of your project, its age, the presence of sanctions from search engines;
  • the need to upgrade the site;
  • geography of the provision of your services or sale of goods.

It should be noted right away that the total cost of SEO work is usually quite high, as is the return. But in the end, you get the cheapest traffic channel in terms of one visitor, provided that experienced professionals are instructed to solve the problem.

In addition, the results achieved through SEO-promotion, remain long enough, even if you completely stop working in this direction. There are not many types of projects for which the use of SEO-promotion can be economically unprofitable, however, a conscientious optimizer will inform you of this after analyzing the task and offer other channels for obtaining clients for your business.

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