SEO trends 2020

Today we can talk about serious changes in the quality of the content provided, which, as a marketing tool, is based on the creation and dissemination of relevant and relevant information, which does not carry advertising of goods or services, but ideally helps to promote the product through its quality delivery.

The marketing industry asks the important question “What will be in the trend?”

  • Big Data in SEO: Secrets to Implementing

With the introduction of new algorithms, the scale of data analysis increases, so the search for new approaches to information processing becomes relevant.

Already, Google has developed and plans to introduce RankBrain, the new Big Data technology in the search engine. This technology as artificial intelligence is built on the principle of converting words into mathematical symbols that are easily recognized by the search engine. This allows you to find semantic keys on the pages even with inaccurate request or unknown words for Google. In this case, machine learning is built on the basis of our own assumptions, the search for associative words and meanings, related phrases.

  • Voice Search and AMP: Optimization

Already, they are actively talking about the implementation and prospects of using new SEO development tools, namely, query optimization under the head of search and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Over the past year alone, according to an analysis of requests in the United States, at least 40% of residents use voice search, and most of them are Android device owners.

Voice search offers a unique opportunity to simplify ordering. However, to test it, it will take time before the buyer gets used to ordering the goods verbally, simply setting its parameters, and not relying solely on visual assessment.

Another brainchild of Google is the AMP system (Accelerated Mobile Pages). The idea is relevant and progressive. Allows you to quickly access text materials, search engine, video files through mobile devices, thereby increasing productivity and ease of use. For their implementation, fundamentally new versions of HTML and JavaScript are used, which positively affected the stability and quality of work. The technology is already working in the issuance of Google and in the future may become a significant factor in ranking sites.

  • Video content: promotion principle

Video content is a leading trend in website promotion and design in 2020. As the analysis shows, users trust and understand the product more, which is accompanied by a meaningful video rather than a simple statement in text form. Marketers also noted traffic growth when using relevant videos.

Video is perceived by users as a more concise and constructive content format. It is through video content that you can get detailed information about the product. Therefore, there is an increased interest in projects containing videos. Search engines highlight such sites in the first place.

Summarizing: the current state and prospects of SEO-promotion suggest that despite a lot of opinions and forecasts, understanding of your consumer and creating high-quality and attractive content remains important.

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