Why do you need AdMob to monetize your application?

Why do I need to use AdMob to monetize applications?

AdMob is one of the best services for application monetization, which offers the largest base of advertisers, flexible control over ads and an advanced aggregator of advertising networks.

Choose your format
Place interstitial, banner and video advertisements to maximize your profit. A wide selection of formats allows you to decide for yourself which ones are best for your application.

Banners appear at the bottom or top of the screen, and may contain a call to install the application, visit the website, find out the route, get acquainted with the product description or call your company. When clicked, an interactive banner expands to full screen, and a smart banner adapts to the screen size and device orientation.

Full-page interstitial announcements appear at natural moments of transition, for example, after passing the level of the game. Such advertisements are used by advertisers both for brand promotion and for direct response advertising (for example, to stimulate application downloads).

Video advertising is most effective for brand promotion. Users have the opportunity to skip the commercial 5 seconds after the start of playback.

Filter unwanted ads
With the help of filters, you can block categories of advertising that are not of interest to you, such as “Clothing”, “Real Estate” or “Vehicles”. You can use the ad review center to check individual ads before or after they appear.

One platform – the entire base of Google advertisers
AdMob offers access to all sources of demand, including over one million AdWords advertisers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange buyers.

High CPM
Competition plays into your hands: the more advertisers fight for the right to display in your application, the higher the CPM required to win the auction. Google has consistently high demand for ads, so AdMob’s CPM is up 200% from last year.

Better occupancy rate
Due to high demand, our platform provides the best occupancy rate in the industry. And this means that we will always find the right advertisement for your users.

Almost one hundred percent occupancy and high revenue from advertising make this platform one of the best among all currently represented on the network.

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