Two indispensable services for preparing your site for monetization

Simplification of the process of creating sites and a large number of convenient platforms allows each Internet user to quickly and easily create their own resource. Even if your blog, page or website is just an exciting hobby, you can monetize it in the future without serious efforts, and most importantly – without financial investments. So, how do you make your own resource a source of remote, stable income on the Internet?

Before you begin to learn how to monetize and configure the right tools for its implementation, you need to determine the amount of traffic on your resource. These are necessary in order to choose the most effective methodology in order to outline a development strategy that will bring you maximum profit in the future.

Not only free, but also the best tools in this area: Google Analytics and Quantcast.

Google Analytics provides such important indicators as the number of unique visits; keywords used by users in the search that brought them to the site; the time that a visitor to your site spent on a particular page.

Quantcast provides the site or page owner with demographic data about users who visited his site, which clearly demonstrate the geolocation of the audience.

Before you start setting up monetization, you need to make sure that your resource has demanded content that should not only be interesting, informative and attractive for your users, but also designed in accordance with the requirements of search engine optimization. This is necessary so that your resource is visible in the results of search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you are sure that your site is ready, then it’s time to choose the best way to make money on it. Thus, you can use one or several ways to monetize your source by choosing from this list:

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