Three secret ways to monetize your Instagram account

Three secret ways to monetize your Instagram account

Instagram Stories Ads Still Cheap – The Secret Weapons of Good Marketers
The Instagram Stories Ads advertising platform was launched in March 2017. Its low cost gives users the opportunity to experiment and find out what works for your brand and what doesn’t – while advertising costs in Instagram Stories are relatively small.

“Borrowed visual content in Instagram commercial accounts” + “Instagram digital rights management” will be hot topics
To avoid a public relations disaster, make sure you follow the rules and request permission before posting someone else’s visual content on Instagram.

In addition, Instagram has Facebook Rights Manager – which allows editors and authors to upload a library of their content to monitor their Instagram posts.

After finding a repost, post authors can block their content if it is published by an unauthorized source. You can even track the cutting out of fragments from your video and their placement.

Also, Instagram is currently testing the Regram button, which will help brands avoid uncomfortable situations regarding photo permissions – ensuring that permission is granted to repost the photo.

The rapid development of Micro-Influencer Marketing
Micro-influencer Marketing is an officially recognized big trend in commerce – and brands are already finding success in paid collaboration with thousandth bloggers on Instagram. As you might guess, thousands of bloggers are more like typical consumers than profiles of stores and manufacturers – and therefore their photos, their approval of something cause more confidence among other consumers.

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