Three obvious tips for monetizing a site that no one talks about

On the Internet, you can find many instructions for monetizing your site, and all of them are more or less effective. However, there are nuances that are considered obvious and which no one speaks about specifically.
However, for beginners this information can be very useful:

Do not monetize sites that are too young. Focus on user engagement. Do everything to please search robots and improve your position in the SERP. A resource with 20 unique beds will not bring much money. But rather demotivates the owner of the site.

Choose the “right” topic that users will not only like, but also will not push search engine inspectors away. Ideally, advertising should help users find what they need. And do not lead to irrelevant sites.

Use the appropriate format. Place ads depending on the version of the site: horizontal format for the desktop version of the site, vertical – for mobile.

Attention! Conduct testing, study the market, monitor the actions of your competitors and do not act at random. To date, there are many diverse work strategies that guarantee the promotion of any product or service. Spend your time familiarizing yourself with them: in the long run, this will lead to much more successful results.

In the matter of monetization, there are no conventions and boundaries. The main thing is to experiment. If you have a website with good traffic, you can always make money on it. Accordingly, your primary task is to create this traffic using this basic guide on monetizing your Internet resource.

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