Simple ways to monetize a mobile application

Ways to monetize a mobile application

To monetize the application, you must have an audience. In principle, whatever you do, but if you have an audience that you retain, you can always earn money on it, for example, in the following ways:

In-App Purchases
As a rule, in-app purchases are found in freeware or shareware applications. Experienced developers know how to make money on applications, so they don’t sell anything that affects the gameplay. You need to build the basis of built-in purchases on the decor, color nicknames, additional banks with energy or life and the purchase of premium accounts.

Premium Accounts / Subscription
One of the most popular ways to make money on your application or game. You leave the choice to the client. Pay for a subscription and receive faster development (experience) for monthly payment of a premium account or achieve everything in a painstaking way, but be on a par with the rest and, most importantly, for free. Usually a premium account costs around $ 5. According to 4Game for every thousand players, seventy pay a subscription. It’s not difficult to calculate, having an average of one thousand players / day online you will receive $ 350 per month. Another option is to initially only make a paid subscription, but this option is only suitable for well-known projects.

View Ads
It is not correct to consider advertising revenue as the main source, but as an additional one – it is possible. Although of course, there are exceptions. As an example, let’s take the snail Bob game on the App Store. The game is free. Every 60 seconds, a window appears with an advertisement that cannot be missed. The child likes the game and he is ready to wait for 20 seconds for an advertisement, if only to play his Bob. But for an adult, after several hundred clicks on the cross, closing the advertisement – it’s easier to give $ 1 for the lack of advertising. The developer of this application has a double income: he receives money from advertising, as well as $ 1 for each premium account.

A rare but interesting type of monetization. Suitable for bloggers, public figures, parties and public organizations.

Paid Apps
According to Apple, the most popular price for the app is $ 2. On the Play Market – $ 0.99. In any case, do not bid more than $ 5 – this figure will scare off a potential buyer. Sell your application if your content is unique.

Choose one that suits you personally from these monetization methods and earn money on your application!

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