New monetization method from Facebook

New monetization method from Facebook

Facebook is launching new tools that will give bloggers more real and effective ways to monetize content. In addition to new advertising options, the social network will also allow authors to earn directly from users.

New advertising opportunities

More options will appear on Facebook when choosing an ad placement. Now, in addition to mid-roll ads, pre-roll and image ads in the video will also be available.

Previously, bloggers did not have the opportunity to choose where ads should be embedded in the video. Facebook determined the most suitable place for an ad break automatically. Now the authors will have the opportunity to independently choose the placement of the ad unit.

Receiving income from users

Content authors can now create groups that are only available by subscription. This will allow users to interact with each other and the author in a private space. Of course, the subscription will be paid and will be another way of earning money for the author.

Facebook Stars

Those authors who are engaged in streaming video content will soon be able to receive additional income through the new program Facebook Stars.

During the live broadcast, users will be able to buy virtual stars and send them to the author. Streamers will then be able to convert the received stars into money.

Facebook Stars is currently being tested with a limited number of authors. The function promises to be available soon.

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