Monetize your YouTube channel with affiliate programs

In this article, we’ll talk about how to make money on your YouTube channel using affiliate programs. Namely, how to get really decent money for unobtrusive advertising of sought-after goods.

What is an affiliate program?

This is when you leave a link in your video for a product on another site, and if visitors to your channel click on these links and buy products, you will receive a percentage of sales. And even if a visitor to an affiliate site does not buy the product immediately, information about his visit will be stored in cookies in his browser for 30 days, and if he buys the product later or buys other goods, you will still receive your percentage.

Which product to choose for advertising?

It’s very important that the product that you will advertise on your channel is related thematically to your videos. For example, you should not advertise washing machines on the game channel, but if you offer to buy a game about which you shot a video, you may be interested in the audience of your channel.

What affiliate program services are most in demand?

Here is a list of popular American services where you can find interesting affiliate programs:
Sharesale Commision Junction; Clickbank Rakuten; Affiliate Window. You can also register as an Amazon partner and offer products in your videos from the world’s largest US online store

Thus, if you have a YouTube channel with a loyal audience, and you want to start earning on it, register in one of the above systems offering affiliate programs and select the most suitable product or service that fits into the concept of your resource. Advertise and make money easily!

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