Monetize your website easily!

Monetizing your website is easy!

If you are the owner of a thematic site – it doesn’t matter, entertaining, informational or even highly specialized, you have an excellent opportunity to make money on it. How to do this is described in detail in this article.

1. Contextual advertising
Placing contextual advertising is the safest way to make money. The Google Adsense service works even with young sites that have the most modest traffic.

Put one horizontal block in front of the article, one block at the end or middle of the article, one vertical in the sidebar – this will be enough.

The main thing is not to try to wind up clicks on ads and do not ask your friends and site visitors to do this – you will earn an account lockout, not money.

2. Permalinks
It is best for each permanent link to make a separate article for 1.5-2 thousand characters (rewrite some topical news), do not insert them into your optimized articles. For this news, make a separate section, the entries of which will not be displayed on the main page.

Advertise in this way only thematic sites, nothing should be inappropriate to the direction of your blog.

Set prices above average. Yes, you will receive fewer applications, this will bring less profit, but the information flow of your site will be holistic and focused on a specific audience – this is the key to its long work.

3. Placement of time links
This type of advertising, as well as contextual advertising, allows you to create passive earnings on the site, but you should approach it even more carefully than in the previous paragraph.

Inflate the price at least 2 times the average exchange.
Make the ad unit beautiful, organically integrated into the site design.
Since you do not have many pages, try to moderate applications – sites of poor quality are best avoided.
Do not place more than 2 ads per page.

These three simple tips can help you start making your first profit on your site. Apply one or more tips from the list, and monetize your resource competently to be able to get decent passive income from it in the future.

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