Monetization of sites through contextual advertising in Google AdSense

Contextual advertising – text, graphic and video advertising blocks that are selected taking into account the interests of users of the site and the content on the page. You can select the type of advertisement and placement, and then test the effectiveness of each solution. Contextual advertising among webmasters is considered a lazy and most passive way to make money.

Contextual advertising networks take charge of advertisers. The webmaster has to place an ad and get a calculation for every click or impression.

Nowadays, one of the most popular tools for contextual advertising is Google AdSense.


The webmaster changes the design of the ads so that they look good on the site.
Responsive ads automatically adjust to tablets and smartphones.
Convenient performance indicators open up scope for experimentation (A / B testing).
The mobile application makes it possible to track statistics wherever there is Internet.
AdSense types of ads: feed ads, native ads, link blocks, display ads, responsive ads, and recommended content. Adsense also offers an automated ad format: you place code on a page, Google embeds blocks depending on the layout of the site.

The main disadvantage of AdSense is its difficult moderation process.

Google will be happy to work with you if the project meets certain criteria. Here are some of them.

Google AdSense Requirements:

Attendance and hosting. Minimum attendance – 10 people per day. Hosting – any (paid or free).
Qualitative and permitted content. The system does not work with adult sites that promote violence and racial intolerance, with copyrighted content or with fake products.
Convenience and “transparency”. The site is easy to navigate, does not change user settings, does not redirect visitors to unwanted resources, does not start downloading files, and does not contain pop-ups that make it difficult to view content and work with the interface.
Apply via the web interface to add a site to AdSense. To apply, you need to have a Google account.

Start using the Google AdSense tool and see on your own, how effective the contextual advertising, basically, is

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