Earn on every click: monetizing your YouTube channel

Earn on every click: monetizing your YouTube channel

The topic of this article is the monetization of your Youtube channel. So how much do they pay to watch your videos? The question is not posed quite correctly: you need to understand that you do not receive money for the views themselves. Income comes from ad impressions and clicks on ads displayed in your videos. Thus, to earn money on the Youtube channel, you don’t need to have a huge number of video views per day – this is a fact. However, no one talks about the profitability of advertisements on YouTube, you can only tell the approximate income from the channel, which starts from several thousand dollars a month from top video bloggers, and has a much more modest, but still very attractive equivalent for beginners.

If you decide to start making money on YouTube, then be prepared for several important points:

You will need to work systematically, to comply with your work schedule. This will take time a little, but regularly.
Do not expect instant or quick results. It will take time. Approximately six months, in some cases, the range can be from 3 months to a year to reach a stable income.
Choose the topic that interests you, do not look at what is interesting to others and what others do. No need to copy anyone, it is better to be individual and original in working with your channel on Youtube.

Attention! Create unique content! Let it be a topic that is interesting to you personally, and in which you understand at the professional level (or at least strive for this). In addition, take care of the quality of your video content: with the development of technology, users are becoming more demanding of the consumed product, including in the media sphere.

And if I do not know how to shoot videos and edit them?

In this case, try to work with ready-made someone else’s videos, you can also make good money on them. However, you should remember about responsibility for a possible violation of copyright and less reliability of such earnings (theoretically your channel can be blocked for copyright infringement), although hundreds of channels in YouTube can earn that way. There are certain subtleties, which we will talk about separately.

A worthy alternative is to learn how to shoot your videos, edit them: it’s not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Only in this case it is important not to slip into a dull boring movie about anything. You must have a feature, some unique feature that will cling to the audience and delight them. Some channels on Youtube, many videos are completely devoid of meaning and content, but viewers like them and gain a lot of views, they have their own target audience. So you can find your target audience: whether it be a thinking audience or someone who wants to just have fun and relax.

By offering quality content to your viewer, you attract potential advertisers to your channel and make money on it.

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