4 Easy Steps to Successful Facebook Marketing

Only 37% of Western marketers believe their Facebook strategy is effective and brings results. The remaining 63% either do not want to measure the results of their work, or … they simply do not have a strategy. In the latter case, it is hardly worth hoping for success – without a clearly thought out action plan, you should not expect effectiveness from an SMM campaign.

Step 1. Set goals
Any strategy begins with setting goals. What do you want from your Facebook page? Sales are the most obvious answer, however, there are secondary goals that can lead to them in one way or another:

increase audience reach and recognition. As a measured indicator, you can take, for example, the number of target subscribers. Do not forget to set an accurate and objective performance indicator for such a goal – for example, 500 targeted likes in three months.
create a loyal and involved community. To track this goal, you can use indicators of engagement, for example, “People who talk about it.”
increase influence and establish yourself as an expert. Facebook is an ideal place to share your cases, knowledge and demonstrate the company in all its glory.
collect leads. Using Facebook as a lead generator is a great goal. Using it as an alternative to email newsletters, you can collect contacts of users interested in your services. For example, give away free products, announce a webinar or organize contests.
sales. Selling through Facebook is a difficult and sometimes almost impossible task. Publishing publications devoted specifically to sales cannot be often posted – they can only make up 10-20% of the total number of posts. But then all sales can be tracked. Make sure that when you post such messages, they have a labeled link. Or set this in Google Analytics. If you place Facebook ads, don’t forget about conversion tracking.
Whatever goal you choose, do not forget to put real indicators and deadlines for achieving it. Also remember to consider how you will measure these indicators.

Step 2. Research
The following information must be examined:

identify your audience and where they spend their time,
Explore competitors and their communities on social networks,
Explore Facebook tools and tricks.
Step 3. Activity Planning
So, we have goals, a basis, now it remains to think about how we will achieve them. Want 500 targeted subscribers in three months? Make sure that you have either the necessary activity or the necessary marketing budget.

Create a publishing plan – what you will post in your community every day, week and month. Thus, you can make publications regular, select good content in advance.
Do not forget about the Activity Calendar – write down what and when you should do on your page: how often to check for spam, look for materials for posts, comment, etc.
Also think over a long-term action plan, for example, in which month to launch the photo contest, in which quiz, survey, etc.

Step 4. Measuring Progress
Be sure to keep track of how what you come up with works. Study Facebook analytics – this will provide an opportunity to understand how effective the page posts, communication with users, and the whole strategy as a whole.

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