YouTube Marketing: Reputation Management and Conversion Improvement

YouTube Marketing: Reputation Management and Conversion Improvement

If you want to become a Youtube star, you have to compete with well-established popular channels. Top 10 most popular Russian channels in total gain 70 billion views.

Already in 2014, in the comments of famous Youtube bloggers, there was one interesting quote:

“If we came to this platform today, we would hardly have achieved such success, it would be too late.”

However, this is a great tool for business and marketers. For comparison: the top 10 channels that promote their brand gain 1.8 billion views. Here the struggle for the viewer is lower, which means it is easier to collect a loyal audience of viewers.

Talking directly about your products and services is not the right concept. Before you start a channel, you need to understand why you need a channel, and what you can talk about on it besides your goods or services.

Reaching the top 10 is difficult, but it’s real to occupy a niche where competition is lower. The fact that you have a video on Youtube increases the chances of being discovered.

To attract traffic from Youtube, you need to become a YouTube partner – collect 10,000 video views. Once you become one, you can embed clickable links directly into the videos and thus work with traffic to the site. You can also use hints – interactive elements in which you can insert images, text and links to sites.

Youtube for reputation management
If you have an excellent reputation and search results for your brand’s needs, this is cool, but you can continue to strengthen it with video content. The more inquiries in your industry you can control, the better.

Youtube is the perfect platform for this. Videos from this hosting service are very well ranked by search engines, especially rare queries. Youtube often displays detailed information about the author and the length of the video, thereby attracting more attention to the result.

Posting videos on Youtube makes it possible:

– talk about the product;

– show video customer reviews;

– show the backstage of your company: employees, speeches from conferences, etc.

Youtube to increase conversions
Videos increase conversion well: you show how good your product or service is. This is proved by a number of studies:

– in the study for 2011 it was said that the buyer will put the goods in the basket after watching a video about the product with a probability of + 144%;

– in another survey, one in three millennials claims to have purchased a product solely because they watched a video demonstration with it the day before;

– Animoto confirmed that about 96% of respondents did find the video useful in the process of selecting products online;

– Wistia found that visitors who interact with videos are more likely to convert.

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