What is lead generation and how to make money on it?

What is lead generation and how to make money on it?

Previously, site owners ordered traffic to their pages to increase sales. But the performers learned how to drive traffic. They hit the page with thousands of bots that didn’t buy anything. And then the site owners began to demand such visits, during which the user performed the target action.

Depending on the theme of the site, the target action may be registration, clicking on the “Buy”, “Download” button, filling out a questionnaire (name, mail, phone), watching a video or something else. As a result, traffic experts have evolved into lead managers.

How is the sale of leads?

You find the site owner who will pay money for attracting potential buyers. There are many, because everyone wants to increase sales.
You take money from the customer and spend some of these funds on advertising on the Internet.
You leave the remaining money to yourself. This is a profit.

Theoretical pitfalls. If advertising is not set up correctly, site visitors will immediately leave the customer’s page. To prevent this from happening, managers often use a lead generator (a service that collects contacts of users who are interested in a given topic) and customize advertising for a specific target group. Theoretically, if this is not done, then there will be no leads, and if there are no leads, the manager will be left without profit and without work. But in practice this does not happen.

Self-deception. But there are cases when a fraudster winds up leads and the site owner is left without 1 purchase at all, although analytics show that 10,000 visitors put the goods in the basket. If not one lead has worked, then the manager with a high degree of probability will still be left without an employer. So this is not a fraud of the customer, but self-deception.

5 reasons why lead generation is a luxury way to make money on the Internet

You do not need to create your own product and website – the advertiser has already taken care of this.
Fast money – remuneration is accrued immediately, and you just have to set up advertising.
It’s easier to find a customer – site owners are willing to pay for leads to the manager who will lead potential buyers to the right page.
Freedom of movement – lead generation is the very case when you can earn normal money sitting in swimming trunks on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea.
Quick start – it’s enough to study just a couple of sources of inexpensive live traffic, and put it on the customer’s website.

Are you ready to try this way of earning online?

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