Three main trends Instagram marketing

Trend 1. Paid promotion of commercial posts on Instagram will become widespread and widespread.
The organic traffic on Instagram will not disappear – but on this platform it is already too difficult to achieve a high organic representation without any paid support or a complex partnership strategy.

As a result, even many individuals, Instagram activists, have already begun to promote their own posts for money, trying to maintain their presence and remain relevant.

In general, promoting posts on Instagram is similar to pushing posts on Facebook. You simply pay after the post has been posted to show this or that audience in order to receive more likes, impressions and profile visits.

Trend 2. Hundreds of thousands of stores will connect Instagram Shop
Shop by Instagram application – Instagram Shoppable Feed allows stores operating on the Shopify marketplace to display their products by indicating the name and price directly on the photo. Then users can click on the call to action button to buy the product directly on Instagram without leaving the application.

If you do not work for Shopify, this may be a feature that encourages you to open a new store on this site.

Trend 3: Commercial Instagram Profiles Shaped Consistently Designed Aesthetics
More and more people are starting to search for brands on Instagram earlier than on Google.

That is why the formation of your own Instagram aesthetics is such a plan to fill out your profile, in which the entire displayed mosaic of the photo is always combined with the store’s brand and, moreover, is effective, attractive, it is very important for sales growth.

You can use the Instagram visual planner, such as Later, to preview the feed and post your posts to create the perfect, engaging Instagram feed.

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