The three easiest ways to make money online

The three easiest ways to make money online

All methods of creating income on the network can be divided into requiring and not requiring initial cash investments. Immediately make a reservation, “from scratch” does not mean without money, “from scratch” means from the very beginning. In this article, I will proceed from the fact that you already have a certain minimum amount and we will multiply it competently and without risk.

1. Website (blog)
For making money from scratch on the Internet, this option will be the best, since you have no risk of losing what you are doing, and any errors can be fixed. When maintaining and promoting your blog, you will gain a lot of useful skills.

Fill the site yourself with articles, learning the art of copywriting, as well as saving money
Develop on a blog topic
Make new useful contacts
Promote your name, earn yourself a certain reputation
Prepare the site for future projects
Gaining a customer base
With a serious approach, you can earn very good money on a blog. If you follow my recommendations on creating a website for making money, then after 4-6 months of its development, you can go from scratch to an income of $ 100-300 / month. I think this is a good amount to start with, and then it will only grow.

2. Earnings on affiliate programs
A more risky form of earning on the Internet, especially for beginners. It consists in the sale of any products through its affiliate link. Commissions are deducted for each sale.

Mostly used are contextual advertising and advertising in newsletters, as well as point advertising on sites collecting the desired target audience.

In this case, the whole art is to think through an advertising campaign for which you will spend money in such a way that the interest on sales is higher than the money spent. Without experience, this is not always easy.

3. Earnings by e-mail newsletter
This method consists in recruiting subscribers to a list of certain topics. Then you can sell ads in the issues of your newsletter or send information to your subscribers containing your affiliate links (as in the previous paragraph).

The advantage is that this subscription base is yours forever and sending letters to it does not cost you anything. Once scored – forever received a source of income. Could not sell anything to subscribers today – you can do it tomorrow.

Unlike the previous version, your advertising budget will not be wasted in any way.

2 important earning tips:
In addition to all of the above, it is very important to remember that a beginner cannot work on several projects at the same time. It is important to bring the first project to a profit of $ 100 per month, after which you can think about the following. Think over your every step and investment.

The second tip is that you should try to do as many actions yourself as possible to understand the topic. For future projects, you can hire people, but you must understand what they are doing – this will allow them to control their work.

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