Secret ways to make money on Chinese goods

Secret ways to make money on Chinese goods

In addition to working as a reseller, there are several other types of profit through the trade in Chinese goods. This is a group or collective purchase and the exercise of the functions of manager of a large Chinese wholesale site. This type of activity is called dropshipping. The second option is to return cashback from already completed purchases for yourself or for resale.

Let us consider in more detail both of these methods.

Favorable Dropshipping with China

Is it possible to sell large quantities of goods without start-up capital and receive profit? The answer is yes!

Launch your own online store and select a partner for dropshipping. Acting as an intermediary between the buyer and a large wholesale supplier, you can fulfill your part of the contract to find customers and receive an advance for the goods. After collecting applications and making prepayments by buyers, you only need to transfer part of the amount to the supplier. This is where your participation in the sale process ends. The Chinese side will form and send the packages to your customers on their own. And the profit in the form of a trade margin will remain with you.

It is worth considering that if you have questions about tracking the term of the order, complaints about the quality or return of the goods falls on the shoulders of the intermediary – that is, on you. You will need to resolve the controversial issues yourself with the sending party. However, we must admit that there are threats everywhere. The main thing is a reasonable balance of risks and benefits in the chosen business.

Earnings on cashback from China

A fairly new opportunity to earn money on the return of a part of the cost of goods through the cashback option is gaining wide popularity. Each Internet provider determines at its discretion the amount of interest that it can return for the purchase. This figure can vary from 1 percent and above. On Aliexpress cashback, for example, can reach 7%, and this, you must agree, is already a pretty weighty argument in favor of such an extra income!

It should be noted that there are some difficulties with accruing cashback. Basically, these are problems of a technical nature of the receiving side. You need to properly organize the work and configure your browser, then the cashback calculation will occur within 10-15 minutes after purchase.

Summarizing: the investment of one’s forces and part of the savings in the business selling goods from China is a perfectly reasonable idea. This is a good startup for those who want to try their hand at being an entrepreneur. If you do not want to quit your favorite job, then if you have free time, reselling Chinese goods is perfect for you as extra income.

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