Market analysis for sales on Amazon and eBay

Before registering a profile on Amazon or eBay, you must first study the direct competitors that are already sold in the category you need. This will help to understand whether it makes sense to start placing your product on these marketplaces, or there are too many competitors with a high rating.

How to do it on Amazon:

Go to the Departments section.
Choose the group of products you need – for example, Beauty & Health – and go to the section Best Sellers.
Explore the assortment, photos, headlines, descriptions and reviews: this section presents the most popular sellers and products.

When you are placing your product, try to do it in the same quality way: a few clear photos on a white background, a headline with a ton of keywords, a clear description.
Look at the price at which your competitors sell similar products, and lower yours. But do not forget about the commission of the marketplace and the price of delivery.
How to do it on eBay:

Here, too, it is necessary to choose the necessary heading – take the same section “Beauty and Health”.
Then click “Buy Now” and configure the most requested sorting – price + delivery: ascending.
See what the marketplace offers. Read product reviews and sellers. So you will understand that people buy most often, and in the future you will be able to correctly and efficiently fill out product cards.

Tip: the right keywords in the headline are a guarantee that customers will definitely find your product. You can find the right queries in the free SEO generator for Amazon, eBay and Etsy Keyword Tool Dominator.

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