How to increase sales on Etsy?

Do you already have your own store on Etsy, which brings some revenue, but want to increase sales? If you highlight thesis, then the following features will help you:

  • Keywords

For yourself, determine the demand / competition ratio for the working tag in the framework of “at least 10 requests per week / no more than 2000 listings (products) in the issue” and make such tags basic. Of course, use high-frequency keywords, but only for paid advertising.

  • Number of listings: 2-5 variations of one product

The more goods in the store, the higher the chances of finding a buyer for them. You can offer about 50 items, but any of them can be published as an product an unlimited number of times.

For example, the same toy + shoes set can be found in the categories “Gifts for mom to be”, “Pregnancy reveal”, “Baby gifts set”. Not to mention the fact that for each position there are color options, photos of which are uploaded as an independent product. As a cover (the first photo of the product), try to put photos from different angles. True, this is not always possible, therefore absolute copies are also allowed.

Important: if you make a copy, you need to change the title and tags, otherwise this action loses all meaning. And so, having not one, but 2-5 variations of one product with different keys for different directions, the chances of a sale increase.

  • Beautiful corporate identity photos

So much has been said about this that it makes no sense to repeat itself. We only note that you can try different options: a photo in the style of Instagram (wooden background, stylish filter, flat) or a clear subject on a white background.

  • Continuous activity in the store and customer reviews

Add at least three items every day. Firstly, each new listing the site gives a boost for the first 1-2 days. That is, he is shown in the issuance higher than his older competitors. This, by the way, works in general for new stores.

The platform helps beginners and gives a head start in the issue, so it is very important to open a store and immediately actively develop it. As experts say, the site itself loves live shops, in which something is regularly updated. Their products are shown above. Very, very good customer reviews influence store ratings.

  • Contextual advertising within the framework of Etsy

At the moment, you can adhere to the following scheme: 30% of the turnover per month form the budget for marketing spending for the next month. Such a formula shows positive results and pays for itself.

An interesting fact: Americans are preparing for the holidays not just in advance, but very in advance. For example, a popular topic: Christmas in July, when people are buying at a discount some gifts for the coming Christmas. Yes, for six months.

And one more interesting fact: the peak of Valentine’s Day Gift requests in Google Trends did not fall in February, and not even in January. When would you think? 20th of November. Exactly on Black Friday, which you can also successfully use.

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