How to choose an effective affiliate program and make money on it?

How to choose an effective affiliate program and make money on it?

Today we’ll talk about how I choose affiliate programs for promotion. There are not many of these principles and they are not complicated, so you can also understand them.

Principle number 1. The target audience
“I want to buy a house, but I do not have the opportunity. I can buy a goat, but I have no desire. ”- This phrase fully describes this principle. Simply put, it means that you always need to measure the desires and capabilities of your potential customers.

If you promote affiliate products through a blog or mailing list, affiliate programs should be in the same topic that you communicate with your readers constantly or in topics that are close in meaning. If you are advertising directly to the product, then it should correspond to the offered goods and services.

Principle number 2. Freebie
Obviously, most people want to get as much benefit as possible while spending a minimum of resources, that is, the principle “I want everything and for free” works perfectly. In this regard, most people do not even want to spend money on what they really need.

And in order for a person to “mature” to acquire the goods or services he needs, try to give him as much useful familiarization information as possible. Most authors today realize this and modern information products, very often, have a free introductory part.

When choosing between two options for promotion, choose one in which the author offers something for free for trial, this significantly increases sales. The same goes for various services.

Principle number 3. Recommend as yourself
It is much easier to recommend what you use yourself. In this case, the recommendations are more sincere and customers feel it. This principle works not only in affiliate marketing, but also in all types of business and sales.

Try to promote products that you personally bought and can say with good conscience that you like them, or, as an option, you are well acquainted with other products of the same authors and trust them.

If you yourself are not ready to pay for what you recommend, then you do not expect someone else to do it.

Principle No. 4. Price range
The combination of “price – quality” plays a role for any product. In the question of choosing a price, there cannot always be a single right answer. When choosing a price category for recommended products, be guided by your target audience.

If you initially communicate with serious, trained people, then the prices can be very high (thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars). But keep in mind that most people are not ready to part with such money, even for a very useful thing.

The most massive and best-selling range is $ 50 – $ 100. If your audience is not exclusive, then focus on these prices; it will be very difficult to promote more expensive products.

Principle No. 5. Long term partnership
If you want your income to be constant, and not end right after the release, try to choose affiliate programs that include several products for promotion.

In this case, after some time or immediately, the client who bought one product at your recommendation will buy something else, and you will receive your percentage.

Also look at how long the service remembers clicking on your affiliate link, as not everyone will make a decision right away. And if the client matures in six months, you should also receive your bonus.


Of course, the level and stability of your income from affiliate programs is affected not only by the choice of goods and services that you will promote. There are many other, even more important factors, but using the principles described here will help you increase the efficiency of your work or business.

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