How much does a YouTube channel earn?

How much does a YouTube channel earn?

Many are interested in the question: “How much does a channel on Youtube earn?” For some, this is just an idle curiosity, for someone the opportunity to assess the prospect of earning and the argument when deciding to create your own channel. So, let’s get to the point and talk about earning a channel on YouTube.

What is the channel’s earnings made up of?
The number of views (to be precise, the number of commercial reproductions, because those views when an ad was shown to the viewer. Many have various browser add-ons that block ads, some simply close the video, if they see ads, such views will not bring money) . Those. They pay you for ad impressions, not for the views themselves.
The number of clicks on advertisements. Well, everything is clear: different ads have different cost per click. If a user clicks on an ad, you’ll be credited with the money per click. In some cases, the money will not be credited if the user immediately left the advertised site, closed the browser, etc.
The user performing certain actions on the page. Here, explanation is required first so that you understand what it is about. The Google Adwords system (this is a system for advertising on Google search and on YouTube) introduced such a way of writing off money for advertising as paying for targeted actions. For example, a person advertises his online store. He puts the type of charge-off for advertising as “pay for targeted actions.” Such actions can be done, for example, finding the user on the product page of the online store for more than 30 seconds, adding the product to the basket, switching to more than 1 page of the website of the online store, etc.
That’s all that determines the income of our channel on Youtube.

How much can I earn on my Youtube channel?
In short – from $ 100 per month to several thousand dollars per month (how to do this, read here). And this despite the fact that you do not need to come up with a unique idea for shooting videos (making money on already working solutions), you do not need to be able to mount videos in a quality manner: you can earn on other people’s videos (subject to certain rules and respect for copyright). Thus, the monetization of your channel depends only on the methods that you choose to adjust the profit from the resource.

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