How much can you earn on a mobile application?

The answer is simple: a lot. But only if – for this you will also work hard. Either you take a quality idea and you are particularly lucky – or you invest, conduct analytics and control expenses. Payback on average 8-12 months. Not bad, right?

Inline ad:
Advertising from Unity – will bring you approximately $ 6 for each thousand views (not impressions). Similar indicators for ads from Google. Remember, one unique visitor will not be able to see your ad more than twenty times a day. If you work through partner networks, earnings there are about twice as much. For each installed application – you can get up to 20 cents.

I would like to say separately about affiliate networks, of which there are plenty on the Internet.
The scheme is simple – the Affiliate Network concludes an agreement with the creator of the application, which pays her 15 cents for each install. Also, the affiliate network finds users for whom it pays 7 cents for each downloaded application. In fact – is an intermediary. As a rule, the amount of earnings in affiliate networks is higher, so be sure to look at them.

Push notifications are also classified as embedded advertising. Use it carefully and do not annoy your players. Insert it there – where it will not interfere with the gameplay.

According to Apple, the best-selling apps on the App Store cost $ 0.99. Keep this in mind when setting prices in the store.
As for promotion – on average, with the right approach and experienced marketing, one Install will cost you 10 cents. This is an average figure – more often it is lower, but I advise you to budget exactly this cost.

And which of these methods suits you and your application?

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