How and how much can you earn on Amazon?

How and how much can you earn on Amazon?

One of the most popular online stores of the Amazon network offers cooperation. You can sell your product on Amazon, or try one of the affiliate marketing programs.

How to make money on Amazon without investments?

You can attract customers and earn money on an affiliate program for free:

On the Youtube channel.
On the forums.
In social networks.
Personally send links.

Any of these methods does not require expenses, except for time.
Emissions and income will be much less, but you are not spending anything. The only thing you have to put up with: to earn a lot on the affiliate program without investments, you really have to make a huge effort.

First you need to understand how to send links, to whom, under what circumstances. Mindless posting on the forum will not bring anything useful, and your personal page is unlikely to attract at least one client.

There are ways to make money on Amazon without investments. But they involve a huge amount of work. Therefore, you will choose between investing money and investing time.

How much can I earn on Amazon?

In favor of the fact that you can really earn a lot on Amazon, statistics say. Every day, more than 3 million purchases are made, with the average check ranging from $ 100 to $ 500.

Thus, the turnover of the site, even with the most average estimates, is about $ 1 billion per day.

However, if you remove from the head all the videos that promise fabulous earnings on Amazon at $ 1 million per month after a year of work, the numbers come out more real.

When selling your own goods, earning $ 1,000 per month is a success. Moreover, the amount of work that will have to be done is enormous. Answer calls, monitor comments, contact users, “knock out” reviews, etc.

Affiliates in this regard are more profitable. A well-built site brings from 1.5 thousand dollars a month. But this will require very hard work at least 1.5 – 2 years.

Which of these types of earnings on Amazon is right for you?

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