Earnings on Facebook business page

Facebook business is a great opportunity not only to increase sales and make more money, but also to improve your image. Now we will analyze the important points that you need to consider when creating a business page and consider how to promote it.

Features of creating a business page

We will not consider in detail the entire registration process, since on Facebook every step is accompanied by tips, but we want to draw your attention to the item “Category selection”. The main thing here is to choose the type of page correctly: its functionality depends on it. Of course, you can change the category at any time and as many times as necessary, but each change is a loss of statistical data.

You will see a window with the proposed categories. Check them out:

  • Local company. Suitable for owners of one outlet located at a specific address. This type of page is a kind of mark on the map, an indicator of your location for customers. With it, you can attract customers who are near you.
  • Company, organization or institution. By choosing this type of page, you can create an online store and accept orders from your customers through the messenger.
  • Brand or product. Suitable for monobrand owners. An excellent tool for PR and promotion of a new product on the market.

In terms of settings, you decide what to leave, what to turn off. For our part, we recommend that you allow customers to write messages to you, leave feedback and mark themselves on your photos (if you plan to constantly hold mass events).

Facebook business page recommendations

So, we created the page, now it needs to be untwisted, otherwise sales through Facebook will not bring you the expected income. How to do it? Communicate with the audience. Your page should not look like a Buy billboard. It should be of benefit to your readers. Make 80% of your content useful and only 20 – advertising in nature. Advertise your services in the feed using paid advertising.

Go to the pages of competitors and be active. No, do not spam and do not throw mud at others. Express your opinion. Share your impressions. Active people in social networks do not remain without attention. Link to your business page in your personal profile. Do it unobtrusively.

If you have your own website or blog, post a social media button on it and share the latest content with your subscribers. Ask customers to write reviews. Do not be afraid and feel free to do it. Be open. Use contextual advertising. This, of course, is expensive, but gives an instant effect. Although you should be prepared for the fact that people who come in this way are not targeted (most), so some of them will unsubscribe from you sooner or later.

Attention! The best option is the integrated use of paid and free promotion. But in what proportions, you need to test, because the audience, the audience is different.

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