$ 10,000 per month on Amazon sales is not the limit!

$ 10,000 / month on Amazon sales is far from the limit
Ryan Moran started his business on Amazon at the end of 2013, tired of teaching internet marketing for over 7 years. He found his niche among the goods for yoga, which he himself was fond of. After conducting a survey at one of the yoga forums, Ryan found that people like rugs of dark colors, 7 mm thick and made from environmentally friendly materials. After that, choosing a supplier in China, he launched on Amazon a product line under his own brand ZenActive, consisting of a rug, block and yoga towel.

The start was slow, I had to do old business at the same time and understand the intricacies of working on Amazon. But by mid-2014, his product line monthly brought in the range of $ 10,000–25,000, depending on the season.

Ryan realized in time that Amazon wasn’t a machine for printing “fast money,” but a great opportunity to develop a long-term business that you need to take seriously. Having started with physical products, today he switched to launching digital products, and each of his new business plans is focused on profits from a million dollars a year.

“Amazon’s business is easy to scale,” says Ryan. “Due to the fact that Amazon takes care of all the routine (delivery, payment, sales management), you can do the main and most interesting thing – marketing and developing your products and the business as a whole.”

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